• General Fund for Wat Buddhametta

      Paypal donations can be made by clicking the button below, you do not need a paypal accout to make a donation.

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  • Monastery Roof Improvement Fundraiser 2019

    We are working to raise the funds to cover the cost of roof maintenance. If you would like to contribute to this fund, you can help to donate toward buying the coating material for the roof. The coating material costs $20 per gallon or $100 for 5 gallon buckets. We need to use about 14 5-gallon buckets or 70 gallons total. You can donate in person at the Wat or you can donate online to our web site. You can contact the Abbot Ajahn Sarayut at 520-745-4624 (the office) or his direct number at 520-203-6593. Whatever amount you can contribute is appreciated.

    May the blessings be with you...

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  • Loving Kindness Fundraiser 2019

    In the Buddhist tradition, teachings are offered free of charge, this is because the teachings from the Buddha are actually so valuable that no price could ever be attached to it. However, voluntary donations called dana are accepted. These voluntary contributions are not required nor expected, but available to those who wish to support the Sangha (monastic community), to preserve the teachings, and to make the teachings available to others. Dana is a form of giving and sharing. It is a fundamental, simple and easy way to train oneself to let go of greed, thus setting us o...

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