Mindfulness and Metta Meditati...

Mindfulness and Metta Meditation Via Zoom

Due to the spread of Coronavirus,many of us are Staying Home and Practicing Social Distancing in order to help to slowdown the spread of the virus, we decided to offer Mindfulness and Metta Metta Meditation virtually online through Zoom every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by the invitation from Ajahn Sarayut at 7 p.m.(az-mountain time). In this way we can stay connected and practice the Dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha together online from wherever we are and you are without having to attend the class and session in person.The primary teacher, Ajahn Sarayut, was born in Thailand and has been a monk for over 30 years and now resides in Tucson and his teachers team of Wat Buddhametta included with Samanera Dhammapala, Maechee Khanti, a Buddhist nun, Pamela, Dionne, and Debbie, all of them are Ajahn Sarayut's student, . The idea is to give the community members an opportunity to practice the Dhamma during this time of public health crisis.

If you get the invitation, please join in at least 5 minutes before the meeting.

If you would like to join this Zoom's group please send a text message to Ajahn Sarayut phone number at 520-203-6593 or thru his Messenger via FaceBook under Ajahn Sarayut's page.