• Full Moon Meditation, Dhamma Talk and Watering a Bodhi Tree

    Our monthly full moon meditation begins at 6:00 p.m. with the Evening Chanting, which is a form of meditation, where everyone can participate or listen. Then we have a brief instruction on silent sitting followed by sitting for 15 minutes. Then we have a brief instruction on walking meditation followed by walking meditation for 15 minutes. A Dhamma talk by Ajahn Sarayut. The talk is designed to widen our understanding of meditation and the benefits of i...

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  • Sunday Morning Ceremony

    Wat Buddhametta, ( Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center ) is pleased to announce the start of its weekly Sunday Service and Alms and Lunch Offering. Sunday The Service will be held at WatBuddhametta on Swan Road just north of 22nd Street. The Sunday Service is led by the abbot, Ajahn Sarayut, monks, and lay community members. It includes chanting,
    meditation and a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Sarayut Arnanta and/or other monks.

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