2021 Rains Retreat Alms Offeri...

2021 Rains Retreat Alms Offering Ceremony : Asalaha Puja Day (Sangha Day Celebration) & (The Beginning Day of the Annual Rains Retreat)

You are invited to attend

Asalaha Puja Day Ceremony (Sangha Day Celebration)

& Khao Pansa  Day (The Beginning Day of the Annual Rains Retreat)

Sunday, July 25, 2021      09:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

At  Wat Buddhametta: 1133 S. Swan  Road, Tucson,  AZ  85711, 520-745-4624


All friends of Wat Buddhametta are invited to attend and are welcome to bring food, fruit, etc. for the Alms Offering or a prepared dish to share at lunch.


Asalaha Puja Day One of the major Buddhist holidays, this falls on the full moon day of the 8th lunar month. On this day the Buddha delivered the First Sermon to the group of five ascetics. This group lived in a forest named the Deer Park near Varanasi, India over 2,600 years ago. The first sermon was called the “Discourse on Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion.” Not long after that, the leader of the five ascetics, "Kondanna", was ordained and became the FIRST MONK in Buddhism. This day thus became the day for honoring the Sangha (the community of monks).


Khao Pansa Day -  The day following the Asalaha full moon is called "Rains Retreat Day."  It is a monastic observance that originated in the time of the Lord Buddha.  Normally, at that time, monks did not stay in one place but moved around spreading the Buddha's teachings. At this time of year monsoon winds bring torrential rains and farmers cultivate their land and grow rice. To avoid unintentionally damaging the newly-planted rice, the custom of ascetics staying in one place at this time was practiced in India long before the time of the Buddha. The Buddha thought this rule fitting for the Sangha as well. Accordingly, monks remain at a certain place, preferably a monastery, for a period of three months, starting the day following Asalaha. Lay Buddhists may also apply this monastic practice to their lives in order to perform merit and support the Buddhist monks during this period of time.


This year we are raising funds to cover the cost of repainting the wall along Swan Road on the westside of Wat Buddhametta’s property. 

Over the years the wall has been vandalized with various kinds of graffiti. It is hard to find the paint to match the original paint color.  Therefore, this year we have decided to repaint the wall with a new paint’s color that is easy to maintain. The cost of each gallon of paint for this project is $25. For the project we need approximately 50 gallons.


If you would like to be part of the fundraiser for this project “Repaint the Wall”, please send your donations by check or money order to “Wat Buddhametta”, 1133 S. Swan Road, Tucson,AZ 85711 or donate online at http://www.tucsonbuddhistcenter.org/index.php/donation-opportunities/  You may also donate in cash at Wat Buddhametta in person. Your act of metta, loving kindness, will be greatly appreciated. 


Schedule of the Ceremony: Sunday July 25, 2021


09:30 a.m.   Gathering of the community at Wat Buddhametta

10:00 a.m.   Morning Chanting to the Triple Gem by the monks and lay community

10:45 a.m.   The Alms Offering to the Sangha

11:15 a.m.   Lunch Offering to the Sangha

12:00 a.m.   Lunch for lay Buddhists and guests

01:00 p.m.   Sermon by the Abbot in Thai & English

01:30 p.m.   The Offerings to the Sangha (robes, incense, etc.)  followed by the Blessing

02:00 p.m.   The Asalaha Puja Candlelight Procession and ending of the ceremony


May all benefit and May you be well and happy

 Ajahn  Phrakrupanyasiddhivides(Sarayut Arnanta)

Abbot of Wat Buddhametta